VT Success Stories


Matthew has gone from being a little boy who disliked and struggled with reading to one who is excited to read and can get lost in a book.  He is more focused and less wiggly when doing his schoolwork.  I would absolutely recommend vision therapy to others.  The results are amazing and the people are great!  Matthew loved coming to work with Kris and she was wonderful with him!  We will miss coming every week, but we will always be thankful for the help Matthew received.


Rachel has gone from a first grade reading level to a fourth grade reading level.  She is now enjoying reading and advancing quickly in her class.  She now has 100% of her depth perception and can do better in sports and all her activities.  Absolutely, this is the best.  As a parent when a teacher tells your child and you that there is a comprehension problem but offers no solutions, you need to know there are answers, and vision therapy is it.  This has helped both of my daughters so much.


We brought Alan in when we noticed that he was not catching the ball every time in little league ball; he was struggling to see and track the ball.  Alan has been wearing glasses since he was a toddler due to Dwayne’s syndrome in his left eye (a nerve is missing in his temple area which pulls his eye to the left).  “Lazy Eye” set in also so he has been wearing a patch about two hours per day for the past 7-8 years.  Prior to therapy his eyes already improved for 20/200 at age one and to 20/40 at 8 years old.  Doctors said that could not happen.  So, we had confidence in what God has allowed to work in Terri Vasche already before therapy.  Everything he did his daily therapy by himself, motivated himself due to other siblings in the home.  He did a great job!  It was a lot of hard work for him and we are so happy and proud that therapy was so successful.

He no longer has amblyopia.  His neck is straighter which Terri pointed out.  He can catch better (much better).  He has great depth perception now!  NO doubles.  20/20 vision from 20/40.  We are so thankful for what therapy has done for him.  His eyes and brain are working together now, better than we could imagine.   Great flexibility!  His self-esteem has been given a big boost.

Yes, absolutely we would recommend this service to others.  Chris and Deon did a fabulous job of coming up with fun and effective homework for Alan to do daily.  He has so much more confidence in himself.  Thank you Terri and staff!  Therapy is worth ever penny.  This will help him for the rest of his life.


Cormac’s reading and writing skills have improved considerably!  Reading was such a chore for him, but now he (finally!) has an active interest in books and reads each night before bed.  Yes I think that vision therapy is becoming more widely acknowledged as having real value, especially for otherwise smart children diagnosed with learning disabilities.  Dr. Vasche and her staff were wonderful to work with.


Liana has made such great strides at school, home, and everywhere.  She has so much more confidence in herself.  She is so much more organized.  She enjoys reading.  She will read a book from start to finish and enjoy it.  She never enjoyed reading before.  She has so much potential.  Look out World!!!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I have talked to so many teachers (both primary and middle school) about vision therapy.  Everyone I talk to is so amazed that this problem exists and that so many people don’t know about it.  Spread the word.  It could help so many kids like Liana.

Silver Falls Eyecare

Silver Falls Eyecare is committed to serving our community with exceptional eye care, emphasizing visual rehabilitation in a compassionate and professional atmosphere.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive, personal eye exams
  • Dry Eye Treatments
  • High quality, high value lenses, frames, and contact lenses
  • Medical eye care including 3-D retinal scan
  • Vision Therapy
  • Paragon CRT

Six Signs That You May Need Vision Therapy.

  1. Headaches.
  2. Double Vision.
  3. Reduced Reading Performance.
  4. Discomfort, Fatigue.
  5. Suppression.
  6. Underachievement.

"the best gift you can give your child"

Vision Therapy is "the best gift you can give your child," said a parent of a recent VT graduate.

This "gift" is essentially a time-tested and proven therapy that can improve and correct specific problems of the visual system. Through an individually based, doctor prescribed program, vision therapy can reduce and even remove roadblocks to learning and achievement. If left untreated, vision related barriers often lead to stress, frustration, and low self-esteem.

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